Dentrealacademy is a specialized training center designed to support the education and development of dental professionals.

Venue: The dental training room has a large and spacious area. It offers educational materials, equipment and enough space for students to move freely.

Dental Units: There are dental units used for educational purposes in the room. These units are integrated systems that house dental equipment and instruments. Equipment such as dental hand tools, air-water syringes, suction devices are included in these units.

Dental Simulators and Models: Dental simulators and models are available in the training room. These simulators and models offer students the opportunity to practice various dental procedures such as tooth preparation, filling, dental impressions.

Dental Tools: Various dental tools used in dental procedures are available in the training room. Tools such as dental drills, probes, scalers, mirrors, tweezers enable students to use different procedures effectively.

Multimedia and Visual Tools: The training room may be equipped with multimedia systems such as projectors or monitors. These tools are used for presentations, training videos, and demonstration of interactive dental software. These tools help to better visualize dental concepts and techniques.

Dentrealacademy is a rentable dental training room for dental educators, students and companies from all over the world. If you want to have a good time in Istanbul and have a dental education or participate in it, you can contact us. Whatsapp +905413203368

Dentalacademy's dental training room provides a comprehensive environment for dental professionals to develop their clinical skills, gain practical experience and learn about the latest developments in dental health.