One Cure X-Cure Orthodontic Led Curing Light - Resin Polimerization Light

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Woodpecker - One Cure X-Cure Orthodontic Polymerization Device

Woodpecker's newest curing light is the third generation LED with high power and broad spectrum. Four lights were produced in a single light, reaching the optimum broadband spectrum of 385 to 515nm.

X- cure has three modes:

- Check mode: To help detect plaques, caries and clearly for examination

- High mode (2300 - 2500mw/cm²): ideal for orthodontics, porcelain laminate veneer, inlay preparation and fiber post curing; rapidly solidifying materials

- Soft mode (1000-1200mw/cm²): designed to solidify large areas of composite resin while trying to avoid resin shrinkage.

OLED display

- A protective screen is made from selected quality materials to prevent blue ray injuries.

- The light guide can be autoclaved under 134°C high temperature and 0.22Mpa high pressure, effectively avoiding cross infection.

- The new light is suitable for the polymerization of all photoinitiators and materials currently used in dentistry.

- Integrated metal body, better heat radiation to extend the life of the LED - prolong the working time.

• Wavelength: 385nm - 515nm
• Light intensity: 1000-3000mw / cm²