DTE D-Laser Diode Laser Blue Device

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DTE D-Laser Diode Laser Blue Device

Innovative Three-Wavelength Blue Semiconductor Laser Therapy Device.

It can be used for dental soft tissue surgery, endodontic disease, periodontal disease, pain treatment, soft laser therapy and other oral diseases by laser vaporizing, carbonizing and solidifying the tissue.

Treatment effect: There is basically no bleeding during surgery, maximizing post-operative swelling, reducing patients' pain and accelerating recovery.

Innovative 450 nm blue laser technology is ideal for soft tissue cutting, ablation, coagulation and incision/excision. At 450 nm, the absorption constant of hemoglobin is two orders of magnitude for ordinary lasers (eg 980nm/810nm), which makes it only need very low Laser power to complete the treatment, and the thermal damage during treatment is extremely low.

-Complete accessories

fiber optic ends
TMJ treatment tip
whitening tip
biostimulation tip
laser safety glasses
5 inch full view capacitive touch panel with flat UI design

The metal handle provides flexible movements.

Three pairs of laser protective glasses can effectively prevent the dentist, assistant and patient from laser radiation.

Effective prevention of cross infection

Fiber optic tips and Aluminum alloy handpiece sheath are autoclavable.