B-Cure Orthodontic Led Curing Light - Resin Polimerization Light

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Woodpecker - B-Cure Orthodontic Polymerization Device

DTE B-Cure wireless light curing lamp
Equipped with 5 W LEDs and a maximum light intensity of 2000 mW/cm², the DTE B-Cure wireless light curing lamp covers a wide range of applications, from the cementation of ceramic restorations to the fixation of orthodontic wires.

Spectrum 385-515 nm - similar to the halogen light spectrum, the B-Cure makes the lamp's light suitable for curing a wide variety of photoinitiators and materials used in dentistry. The resin with a thickness greater than 2 mm is polymerized in 2 seconds.

Ortho mode - B-Cure device specific mode is provided with light intensity automatically set to 2000 mW/cm², so the user can set the curing time to 3s or 5s, and the device automatically performs 10 cycles at a time in a 1 second interval. One operation can complete the cementation of 2-3 brackets, shortening the intervention time and increasing the efficiency of the intervention.

Optimized optical fiber - autoclavable at 134ºC and 0.22 MPa pressure, significantly preventing the risk of cross-infection.

Continuous power supply - battery is easy to replace with the push of a button. It can be charged independently via the charging base. Moreover, the light-cured lamp is supported by 2 batteries and the work is uninterrupted.


LED display
constant light intensity - solidification effect is not affected by the low charge state of the battery
blue light protection
LED blue light 5W
spectrum 385-515 nm
input power: 100V-240V 50Hz / 60Hz
light intensity: 1000mW / cm² - 2000mW / cm²
five operating modes: turbo, normal, ortho, soft, pulse
2 batteries included