Proxeo Piezo Scaler Illuminated Cavitron Device - PB-520

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W&H Dental - Proxeo Piezo Scaler Illuminated Cavitron Device - PB-520
W&H Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers were developed in collaboration with prophylaxis experts and truly live up to their name. They have a wide variety of uses and offer specific user benefits.
Q-Link: new, proprietary, patented, easy-to-use quick-connect system for changing bits
Handpiece for use with W&H and a number of other manufacturer's tips including: EMS and Mectron
Proven compatibility with pacemakers tested by Graz University of Technology
Variable power regulation to meet the needs of specific treatment indications, namely: prophylaxis, periodontology, implant care, endodontics and micro-preparation of restorations
The capacity of the Ultra tank is 750ml.
LED ring lights for ultra-bright daylight quality illumination
Thin, lightweight head with flexible hose for perfect balance and user comfort
Easy-to-use power setting
Ultra large tank: The Proxeo Ultra tank has a capacity of 750ml, making it one of the largest tanks on the market. It fits perfectly into the overall design and can be easily filled and cleaned thanks to its special shape and wide mouth.
Ultra-smooth surfaces: The borderless design and smooth surfaces allow you to disinfect Proxeo Ultra with ease.
Ultra-flexible freedom of movement: changing positions is easier than ever. Place the wireless foot control where it suits you best - no more annoying wires!
Ultra practical fill level detection: Proxeo Ultra PB-530 warns you in time when the water is low. This allows you to conveniently integrate refilling into your workflow.
Ultra-bright illumination: The LED ring illuminates the treatment area with daylight-quality illumination.
Ultra-ergonomic head: Slim design and ultra-flexible hose for simple adaptation, perfect balance and even greater user comfort.
Ultra-smooth power setting: The rotary dial makes it particularly convenient to set the basic mode.
Quick change of tips: The new head of the Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scaler comes with its own proprietary and patented quick coupling system. The bit opens and closes with just one turn, making changing bits not only faster but also much easier.
Ultra-safe feeling: According to an independent study at the Graz University of Technology, the new Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers can be used on patients with pacemakers without any concerns. This means greater safety for both users and patients.
Proxeo Ultra comes with the unique Q-Link quick connect system.
In addition, two more caps are available with a standard screw thread. Integrated torque-controlled bit changers prevent over-tightening and make tool changing simple and safe.
Thanks to the infinitely variable power regulation, W&H Piezo Scalers can be effortlessly adjusted to a specific application and tip. They have a particularly wide variety of uses, from prophylaxis and periodontology to implant maintenance or endodontics, to the micropreparation of restorations.
Q-Link quick connect system
Compatibility with pacemakers tested by Graz University of Technology
LED ring handpiece
Thin, flexible hose
Automatic fill level detection
Infinitely adjustable power setting
Perfectly coordinated tip spacing
Big tank (750ml)
Control unit: PB-520
Mains voltage: 100–230 V
Maximum output power to handset under load (ultrasonic): 12 W
Frequency (ultrasonic): 22–35 kHz
Working mode: S3 (14 sec / 6 sec)
Header cable length: 1.8 m
Dimensions (W×D×H): 120×185×205mm
Weight: 1.064 g
Foot control: C-NF
PB-5 L Hand Tool
Compatible with: W&H, EMS, Mectron tips
Light: LED ring
Weight: 55g
Endless length: 135mm (with coupling)
Diameter: 18.5mm