Osstell Smartpegs Osstell Bits

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Osstell Smartpegs Osstell Bits
The Osstell Beacon helps you objectively determine implant stability and measure the degree of osseointegration without compromising the healing process. It is a rapid and non-invasive diagnostic tool that provides the precise information needed to make well-informed decisions. The compact diagnostic tool is cordless, allowing greater freedom of movement in dentistry.
The choice for even better treatment
The Osstell Beacon shows you in a matter of seconds an implant has been placed in the spine and can therefore be loaded. It works wirelessly, giving you more freedom of movement in dentistry. Data can be securely stored and compared on the Osstell Connect platform.
All the advantages at a glance:
Assess implant stability and monitor osseointegration
Extract data, share files and analyze results using the Osstell Connect portal
Shorter treatment times
Greater predictability of treatment of patients with risk factors
Features of Osstell Beacon
Osstell Beacon
Monitoring of osseointegration and evaluation of implant stability
Unique technology based on 900 scientific papers
Optimum user-friendly and intuitive ISQ measurements
Easy-to-interpret results using a color scheme
Valuable feedback on the analysis of implant data and the effectiveness of implant treatment using Osstell Connect
Well suited to a digital work environment
Easy-to-interpret results
Because the Osstell Beacon has a Bluetooth connection, you can view the results of each implant measurement on the Osstell Connect platform using your PC, tablet or smartphone.
You can easily assess implant stability by comparing the baseline value determined at implant placement with the value before final restoration.
ISQ* values ​​are displayed on the color wheel, which provides information about the degree of osseointegration:
- Red circle: low stability, ISQ <60
- Yellow circle: medium stability
- Green circle: high stability, ISQ ≥ 70
Sold in packs of 5.
Does not autoclave