Alegra Ceramic Bearing Turbine - TE-98BC - Borden Connection

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Alegra Ceramic Bearing Turbine - TE-98BC - Borden Connection
Long lifetime and very quiet operation
Alegra turbines offer the highest quality thanks to their precision manufacturing.
Ceramic bearings in Alegra turbines ensure vibration-free and quiet operation. When used with care and proper care, you can be assured of an exceptionally long lifespan!
ceramic bearing
3 spray cooling
Powerful and reliable performance
Patented hygienic head system
Integrated antiretraction valve
Component replacement by the user
Can be thermally disinfected and sterilized
Ceramic bearing, 3 sprays
and dental turbine with push button lock system,
For FG burs with a diameter of 1.6 mm (ISO 1797-1)
head size: diameter 12.2 mm
Power*: 18 Watts
RPM*: 330,000 min-1