Amalgam Liner for Dentine Isalation

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Amalgam Liner is a product exclusively for use in dentistry in dental restorations, it is a silver varnish ready for dentine insulation.

Amalgam Liner is a ready-to-use liquid overlay material with silver atomized. This Varnish is used to seal dentin underneath amalgam restorations, seal cements before applying amalgam, and seal amalgam restorations immediately after applying them.

VOCO's Amalgam Liner is the only base filler that establishes a chemical combination with the amalgam. The Amalgam Liner is chemically combined with the excess mercury. At the same time, Amalgam Liner protects the pulp and seals the dentin against chemical, bacterial and thermal influences. Immediate adhesion of the amalgam throughout the cavity is produced, thus preventing the formation of interstices and the appearance of secondary caries.


  • Effective protection for the pulp
  • Insulation against chemical and bacterial aggression
  • Reduces the risk of leakage and secondary caries
  • It absorbs excess of mercury
  • Manufacturer: VOCO
  • Manufacturer reference: 1024


  • set 4.5g with solvent