Sof-Tray Sheet Material for Vacuum-Forming of Trays

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Sof-Tray Classic Sheets are specifically designed to create custom-made whitening trays for patients interested in take-home whitening treatments.

  • Available in Regular, Medium, and Heavy thicknesses
  • Select Medium (0.060") for bruxers’ whitening trays - 20 pcs
  • Select Heavy (0.080") for severe bruxers' whitening trays - 20 pcs

The Right Thickness for Any Patient

​Sof-Tray Classic Sheets come in three different thicknesses, so you can find the one just right for any patient. Most patients will require the Regular size, but if you have patients with TMJ issues or those who grind their teeth but still want to whiten overnight, you can use the Medium sheets or Heavy sheets.


Ideal for Use with the UltraVac™ Vacuum Former

​Sof-Tray Classic Sheets fit perfectly in the UltraVac Vacuum Former. The heating element of the UltraVac efficiently heats the Sof-Tray material to the ideal softness, and the vacuum element effectively forms the heated material precisely around the stone model.


Sof-Tray™ Classic Sheets-Sheet Material for Vacuum-Forming of Trays