Omnichroma One Color Composite 4 gr - Chameleon Composite

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OMNICHROMA is an innovative and revolutionary product from the world of Tokuyama Dental innovation that offers the highest chromatic matching capacity with the widest range of shades and colors, thus covering classic VITA shades with just one composite shade. All of this is thanks to smart color technology, patented by TOKUYAMA, which gives the color its "physical" dimension.No pigment has been added.
DIRECT RESTORATIONS in the anterior and posterior region
VENEER in composite
CLOSING diastemas
REPAIR OF RESTORATIONS in composite resin or ceramic materials
NO STRESS of evaluation when determining hue
Hue, chroma and value NO STRESS
NO STRESS of layering with different masses: dentin, body or enamel
NO STRESS of reordering materials
NO STRESS from long hours on the couch
Product content 1 Piece 4gr Omnichroma Composite