SUPER SYSTEM Retreat ONE asorti blister

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SUPER SYSTEM Retreat ONE assorted blister

SUPER SYSTEM Retreat ONE assorted blister is suitable for the removal of coronal root canal filling materials. Specifically, its cutting edge and variable angles allow for fast and safe canal retreatment. The “Super System” root canal files are manufactured with high technology and innovative design.

Design in Turkey: “Super System” root canal files are designed in Turkey and developed with expertise and an innovative approach.

Unique and Patented Design: The product has a unique and patented design. The wire of the Retreat One file is thinner than the wire of standard RT files, making it very flexible. However, its aggressive design allows for easy penetration and quick removal of the canal filling. The surfaces of its blades are very sharp, providing a large surface area where gutta and debris can accumulate. The dense flutes increase performance in penetrating gutta and progressing in the canal. Unlike standard files, being 23 mm long contributes to the file’s resistance. The flexibility of the Retreat One file also ensures safe RT procedures in highly curved canals.

Advanced Heat Treatment Techniques: “Super System” files are produced using various heat treatment techniques. These processes increase the durability and flexibility of the files, ensuring safer and more effective use during root canal treatment.

Superior Cutting Efficiency: While most new-generation rotary files that have undergone heat treatment demonstrate flexibility, they show low cutting efficiency. Therefore, Super System files have a very sharp blade design. They enable rapid opening of root canals by combining sharpness with flexibility.

Superior Comfort and Safety: Thanks to its advanced design and technology, “Super System” root canal files offer dentists and patients unprecedented comfort and safety. This makes the treatment process both more comfortable and more successful.

Economical Use: The design, resistant to torsional and cyclic fatigue, offers longer usage.

Packaging: 4-piece blister pack contains 3 pieces of 25/06, 1 Activator file.

Super System Retreat One (SS RO) Step-by-Step Procedure

During the removal of root canal filling, the canal orifice and cavity should be dried. The performance of the Retreat One file is higher when the canal is dry, so the canal orifice and cavity should be dried.

After the removal of the canal filling material from the coronal region at high speeds such as 500-600 rpm, the debris and shavings on the file’s flutes are cleaned. The canal is thoroughly irrigated with sodium hypochlorite and dried. Then, in the middle third, the canal filling is removed at a speed of 400 rpm while the canals are dry. After the canals are re-irrigated and dried, the debris and shavings on the files are cleaned, and the apical canal filling is removed at a speed of 200-250 rpm. This reduces the likelihood of the apical canal filling material extruding beyond the apex, decreasing the patient’s postoperative pain. Additionally, if there is a pre-existing ledge in the canal, it can be detected at low speed, preventing the deepening of the ledge.

If the canal filling in the previous treatment is short, the Retreat One file should be used at the length where the old canal filling ends. To reach further apically than the length where the old canal filling ends, the 10/06 file from the SS MI kit or the 10/04 file from the SS AK kit can be used.

After the canal enlargement is completed, for more effective removal of remaining canal filling material, the “Activator File” in the blister can be used with an up-and-down brushing motion at 800 rpm while the canals are dry. The same procedure is then repeated with the “Activator File” while the canal is filled with irrigation solution to increase irrigation efficacy.

Below is the step-by-step procedure for Super System Retreat One (SS RO), which can be used for the removal of root canal filling material in retreatment cases.

Speed settings should be adjusted according to the canal region. We recommend the following speed settings for the root canal regions:

  • Coronal 1/3: 400 – 600 rpm
  • Middle Third: 300 - 400 rpm
  • Apical 1/3: 200-300 rpm

For the best results, complete the procedure with the Super System Advanced or Minimal Invasive Kit after removing the root canal filling material.

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