SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 sorti blister

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SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 assorted blister

SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 assorted blister is suitable for all endodontic cases except the removal of coronal root canal filling materials. SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 assorted blister, especially in wide canals, allows you to complete your shaping quickly and safely. With its 11 mm cutting blades, SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 assorted blister does not cause unnecessary loss of material on the pericervical dentin. It only shapes the middle third and apical, creating much less stress on the file.

“Super System” root canal files are manufactured with high technology and innovative design.

Design in Turkey: “Super System” root canal files are designed in Turkey and developed with expertise and an innovative approach.

Unique and Patented Design: The product has a unique and patented design. This design offers users a unique experience, showcasing superior performance in both functionality and aesthetics.

Advanced Heat Treatment Techniques: “Super System” files are produced using various heat treatment techniques. These processes increase the durability and flexibility of the files, ensuring safer and more effective use during root canal treatment.

Various Wire Thicknesses: These files are produced with different wire thicknesses, offering dentists more control and precision during treatment. This variety provides a solution suitable for all types of root canal structures.

Superior Comfort and Safety: Thanks to its advanced design and technology, “Super System” root canal files offer dentists and patients unprecedented comfort and safety. This makes the treatment process both more comfortable and more successful.

Economical Use: The design, resistant to torsional and cyclic fatigue, offers longer usage.

SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 assorted blister Packaging: 4-piece blister pack contains 4 pieces of 35/04 file

SUPER SYSTEM LARGER 35/04 assorted blister