Standard Opaker Liquid 50 ml

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Standard Opaker Liquid 50 ml

Usage Area:

  • Purpose: It is the working liquid of opaker powder in porcelain crown bridge works. When mixed with the opaker powder, it provides easy application comfort with its distinctive properties.


  • Due to its effective formulation, it provides easy application comfort to the opaker powder.
  • Even under vibration, it does not flow, preventing the opaker from moving to the collar part, as well as preventing the corners of the crowns from opening, and thus preventing the formation of metal reflections.
  • It has no adverse effect on opaker colors after firing.
  • Compatible with every brand of porcelain opaker.

Usage and Recommendations:

  • Create your powder-liquid mixture on a glass or porcelain slab.
  • Try to achieve the spreadable thickest consistency. After creating the mixture, draw a line in the middle with a spatula.
  • If the line does not merge, you have achieved the right consistency.
  • If desired, you can prepare your mixtures in small jars or multiple slabs according to their colors and keep them as ready-prepared for use as needed.
  • If necessary, you can add liquid at intervals to prevent loss of consistency.
  • Always follow the given firing program after application.

Packaging: 50 ml plastic containers