Spray-Op Opaker Liquid 1000 ml

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Spray-OP Opaker Liquid 1000 ml

Usage Area:

  • Purpose: It is the application liquid that enables the opaquer to be sprayed.


  • Applied with spray method, providing a more homogeneous and evenly thick opaquer layer.
  • Characterized by not moving on the metal surface after application.
  • Especially economical in mass production.
  • Does not cause drying or clogging in the spray gun.
  • Compatible with every brand of porcelain opaquer.
  • No dripping during application, even if applied thickly, no accumulation occurs in droplet form at the tips of the sprays.
  • Obtains natural opaquer colors without causing deviation in colors after firing.
  • If the recommendations are followed, a beautiful velvety surface is obtained after firing.
  • Extremely sintered, pore-free, and durable opaquer layer is obtained.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.

Usage and Recommendations:

  • After creating the powder-liquid mixture, subject it to vibration on a vibrator for 3-4 minutes to wet the powder particles and make them homogeneous.
  • This process eliminates clumping during work, preventing clogging of the spray gun.

Packaging: 1000 ml plastic containers