Estemp İmplant Cement - Temporary Resin Cement

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Non eugenol temporary resin cement for implant retained crown

EsTemp Implant is non-eugenol, dual-cured temporary resin cement for luting implant-retained crowns. It has excellent strength and durability, which allow long-term cementation. It has mechanical retention only – not chemical- with ideal elasticity so that it is easy to remove temporary restorations. The dual cure formula makes it quicker to remove excess material after light cure (5-10 secs).

• Dual cure (Light cure & Self cure)
• Radiopaque
• Easy to use (syringe type)
• Secure retention & retrievable
• Excellent strength and durability
• Dual-cure formula makes it quicker to remove excess materials after light-cured

• Temporary resin cement for implant-retained crowns


How Use

1. Check the occlusion of the crown.
2. Dry and isolate the prepared abutments.
3. Make sure proper flow of base and catalyst.
4. Only a thin layer of EsTemp Implant should be applied to the cervical third of the crown.
(Or up to the cervical half depending on the amount of retention desired.)
5. Dispense a small bead of EsTemp Implant and use the instrument ​to place a thin film of cement.
(1.5 mins of working time at room temperature)
6. Firmly seat the crown and hold in place until intial set occurs in 2 - 2.5 mins. 
7. Remove excess material during the gel phase after 5-10 sec light curing.
8. Final cement occurs in 3 - 3.5 mins, intraorally.