Set PP Self Etching, A2 Self adhesive Resin Cement Capsule

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seT, SDI's top-rated cement. seT is a cement designed for the final cementation of metal, resin and ceramic-based restorative materials. seT chemically bonds to tooth structure and all types of alveolar material. It is a radio-opaque reactive glass with high ion release that is used in SDI's wide range of dental cements.

  • Patented ionglass filling technology.
  • It releases substantially more fluoride to aid remineralisation of the natural dentition.
  • Significant contributions to any caries prevention programme.
  • Quick and easy: It gravels, binds and fills with a single component.
  • Radiopaco: Detectable on X-ray radiographs.
  • Contains no Bisphenol A or HEMA
  • Dual curing: advantages of light curing and self-curing.
  • Minimal to no post-operative sensitivity.
  • It does not require a separate etching and rinsing step.
  • The coat of the product remains intact to protect the tooth.
  • Wide range of colours, the wide variety of shades helps to enhance the aesthetics.
  • Contents: 50 capsules A2.

Dentrealdepo| Sdi Dental Sdi Dental Set PP Rezin Bazlı Dual Cure Siman  50lik Kapsül