Riva Silver Mercury-Free Restorative Material Powder&Liquid Kits

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Riva Silver is a mercury-free, fluoride-releasing, silver alloy reinforced glass ionomer restorative material.

  • It has a high fluoride release which offers benefits to the adjacent teeth.
  • Fluoride is retained by the glass ionomer and if the external fluoride level is low, ions are released. If the fluoride level is high. (Topical application of fluoride) The glass ionomer recharges.
  • Thanks to the easy handling of the Riva Silver, it can be fitted with an amalgam condenser.
  • It is a perfect material for use with uncooperative patients, as it is extremely quick to use.
  • Excellent for core build-up.
  • Its light grey colour requires minimal veneering in aesthetic restorations.
  • High radiopacity facilitates the diagnosis of premature lesions.
  • Its presentation in capsules facilitates mixing, as no additional mixing is required.
  • Available in: Powder/liquid kit and refills.
  • Kit contents: 10 g (8.9 ml) bottle of liquid + 32 g (8.9 ml) bottle of powder + accessories.
  • Minimal class I and II restorations, in deciduous and geriatric teeth.
  • Intermediate restorations and as a base material for class I and II cavities, using the sandwich technique
  • Class V restorations in non-aesthetic situations.
  • Reconstruction of stumps, temporary fillings and restorations where radiopacity is desirable.
  • Reconstitutions using the ART technique.
  • Temporary endodontic filling.