Dento-Prep Oral,Extraoral Sandblaster - Microblaster

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***1 x Dento-Prep Microblaster

***900 gr 50 mic sand

***1 pcs Midwest Connector


For optimal bond strength


The Dento-Prep Microblaster is a state-of-the-art, compact aluminium oxide air abrasive instrument manufactured from high grade steel.

The fully autoclavable microblaster is for use with abrasives such as aluminium oxide powder (particle size 20-80 micron).

You can use the micro-fine blasting to roughen the surfaces of metal, ceramic and plastic materials for effective reinforcement of adhesion with bonding agents.

The Dento-Prep Microblaster can be connected directly to the compressed air supply or a number of quick connectors are available for easy access to compressed air via a turbine coupling

The Dento-Prep features a feather trigger, which is activated by an air valve and is ideal for both intraoral and extraoral applications.

The nozzle rotates 360° for easy access to all areas of the oral cavity. Powder jar acts as a grip, perfectly balanced and comfortable in your hand.

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– Easy finger operation with the valve button.
– Easy installation by turbine quick couplings.
– Made from high grade stainless steel and can be autoclaved by any method.
– For use with aluminium and silicium oxide powder (particle size 20-80 um).
– Applicable with Dust-Cabinet for cleaning and sandblasting of e.g. indirect restorations