Race Evo Rotary Canal File - 21 mm

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RACE ® EVO is the ultimate evolution of FKG's popular and proven RaCe rotary system.

The extremely reliable original RaCe features, combined with proprietary heat treatment and higher rotational speed capacity, make RACE EVO devices safer, easier to control, and more efficient than ever.

The special heat treatment combined with the old RaCe features provides a perfect combination of power, durability, and control.

Designed to be safe with unique resistance to cyclic fatigue, optimized yet non-invasive cutting efficiency, and low screwing effect, RACE EVO allows for faster and more comfortable treatment for patients.

The heat treatment specific to RACE EVO provides unprecedented mechanical properties allowing for higher speeds.

Over 20 years of reliable performance associated with the RaCe design and higher speed brings enhanced efficiency to RACE EVO devices with a familiar feel.

RACE EVO allows you to choose your therapeutic approach. FKG's comprehensive range of instruments allows you to successfully treat a variety of canal anatomies.

Start with your basic instrument sequence, then easily move to the next size for wider canal shaping as needed.