Stomaflex C-Silicones Impression Material 4 Kit

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Stomaflex Putty + Stomaflex Light + Stomaflex Gel Catalyst 

Condensation Silicone Impression Material

Condensation silicon impression material of very high viscosity, type 0 - putty (classified according to ISO 4823). Stomaflex Putty must be mixed with Stomaflex Gel Catalyst to initiate the setting reaction of the material. Stomaflex Putty is available in a jar.

Product benefits

  • Easy dosage and short mixing time due to gel-catalyst
  • Easy control of homogenously mixed material with colour-contrast catalyst
  • Outstanding detail reproduction even in wet environment
  • Shows the thinnest margins even in poorly accessible areas
  • Makes keys for aesthetics reconstructions of frontal teeth
  • Pleasant lemon flavor
  • Significant contrast between each product combination
  • High values of recovery from deformation: 98,80%
  • Excellent volume stability for impressions – 0,40


Primary impression material for the double-impression technique ("putty-wash") in combination with Stomaflex Light. High-viscosity substance for the dual-mix impression technique in combination with Stomaflex Light material. Edge contouring of individual impression trays. Impression for a temporary solution using the stamping technique. Making a key for aesthetic reconstruction of frontal teeth. Making a key for controlling the depth of the preparation. Study impressions for repairing removable dentures. Universal high-viscosity silicone material for dental laboratories.


Stomaflex Gel Catalyst 4*60g

Stomaflex Putty 4*1300 g

Stomaflex Light 4*130 g