Pentron - Stomaflex C-Silicones Impression Material Kit

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Introducing the Pentron - Stomaflex C-Silicones Impression Material Kit, a revolutionary solution for all your dental impression needs. This kit includes Stomaflex Putty, Stomaflex Light, and Stomaflex Gel Catalyst, providing you with a comprehensive and versatile impression material.

Starting with Stomaflex Putty, this condensation silicone impression material boasts an incredibly high viscosity, categorized as type 0 - putty according to ISO 4823 standards. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, Stomaflex Putty must be mixed with Stomaflex Gel Catalyst to initiate the setting reaction of the material. Presented in a convenient jar, this product ensures easy dosage and a short mixing time, thanks to the gel-catalyst composition.

One of the standout features of this kit is the easy control it offers over the homogenously mixed material. The color-contrast catalyst allows for seamless monitoring and ensures an accurate reproduction of even the finest details, even in wet environments. This is particularly beneficial in poorly accessible areas, where Stomaflex Putty showcases its ability to create the thinnest margins, enabling precision in your dental work.

In addition to its impeccable performance, Stomaflex Putty also provides a pleasant lemon flavor, creating a more comfortable experience for both the practitioner and the patient. The product combination within this kit further enhances the user experience, as it offers significant contrast between each component. This allows for easy identification and differentiation during application.

When it comes to reliability, Stomaflex Putty truly shines. With a remarkable recovery rate from deformation of 98.80% and excellent volume stability for impressions at 0.40, you can trust that your impressions will remain accurate and intact. This level of consistency makes Stomaflex Putty an ideal choice for various applications.

Speaking of applications, the versatility of Stomaflex Putty expands its usability across multiple dental procedures. It serves as an excellent primary impression material for the double-impression technique when used in combination with Stomaflex Light. Additionally, it is a high-viscosity substance suitable for the dual-mix impression technique when paired with Stomaflex Light material. Stomaflex Putty also excels in edge contouring of individual impression trays, impression for temporary solutions through the stamping technique, and creating keys for aesthetic reconstructions of frontal teeth. It can even be utilized for controlling the depth of the preparation and capturing study impressions for repairing removable dentures. Truly a multi-purpose product, Stomaflex Putty is also an excellent choice for dental laboratories due to its universal high-viscosity silicone material.

To complete the Pentron - Stomaflex C-Silicones Impression Material Kit, we include Stomaflex Gel Catalyst and Stomaflex Light. Stomaflex Gel Catalyst in a 60g tube allows for convenient and precise application, guaranteeing optimal results. Stomaflex Light, available in a 130g presentation, perfectly complements Stomaflex Putty, providing an ideal combination for achieving impeccable impressions.

In summary, the Pentron - Stomaflex C-Silicones Impression Material Kit is an all-inclusive solution, offering superior quality and reliability for all your dental impressions. With outstanding detail reproduction, exceptional recovery from deformation, and convenient application, this kit is a must-have for every dental professional. Whether it's for primary impressions, dual-mix techniques, edge contouring, or aesthetic reconstructions, the Pentron - Stomaflex C-Silicones Impression Material Kit ensures unmatched precision and satisfaction for both practitioners and patients. Trust in Pentron's commitment to excellence, and elevate your dental practice with this remarkable impression material kit.