Adhesor Carbofine Polycarboxylate Cement Set -100 Pcs

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Adhesor Carbofine Zinc Polycarboxylate Cement

Conventional, chemically polymerized Adhesor Carbofine is based on natural adhesion to hard dental tissues and does not irritate the pulp. Semi-permanent cement (strong bond, but easier to remove long-term temporary) is suitable for temporary fillings and final cementation for crowns and short bridges. Adhesor Carbofine – offers convenience for your patients.

Kavitan LC Light Polymerized Glass Ionomer Cement Kavitan LC is characterized by its easy use. It is a light-cured resin modified glass ionomer cement that ensures fast restoration and long-term good esthetics. It is an excellent option for Class V/III anterior fillings and is suitable for all treatments of pediatric patients thanks to its controlled hardening.


Features & Benefits:

• Non-irritant - Does not irritate the pulp.

• Natural adhesion - natural adhesion to hard dental tissues.

• Non-porous structure - penetration of microorganisms is prevented.

• Ideal for cementation.


100*80 g powder + 100*40 gr liquid