Mani GPR Gutta Percha Remover - Complex

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MANI GPR - Gutta Percha Remover - Complex


For easy, fast and efficient gutta-percha removal.

Quickly, easily and effectively remove gutta-percha during root canal treatment with MANI GPR

The special safety design of the rounded tear tip atraumatically removes existing gutta-percha while also avoiding root canal transport and excessive dentin removal. Because of the flute design, gutta-percha is removed very quickly, safely and efficiently.

Your interests:
prevent excessive dentin removal
extremely sensitive conus
atraumatic removal of existing gutta-percha
prevent root canal perforation
To prevent excessive dentin removal in the canal
shape memory hyperelastic
can make solvents unnecessary
corrosion resistance and long service life
torque regulation and easy operation without counterclockwise rotation
fast and dynamic removal of gutta-percha


Achieve superior results with MANI GPR in two simple steps:

Step 1: Use the stainless steel GPR file - top to center

  • Choose 1S / # 70 or 2S / # 50 for your ideal root canal treatment (depending on the size of the drained root canal)
    Place the file on top of the gutta-percha and turn it slowly.
    After the first groove catches the gutta-percha, the file automatically returns to the root canal.
    Pause the file for 1 - 2 seconds in the middle of the channel (before reaching the curve)
    Move the file with a drag motion to remove material residue.

Step 2: Use the NiTi GPR file - from mid to apical 1 to 2 mm

  • Choose 3N / # 40 or 4N / # 30 (depending on root canal size) for your ideal additional root canal treatment.
    Fix the rubber plug at the apex at a length of 1 to 2 mm.
    Pause the file for 1 to 2 seconds. approximately 1 to 2 mm from the middle.
    To completely remove the material residue, move the file with a pull motion


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