Dental Bone Graft - Allograft - Corticocancellous Graft - 5 cc

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Maxxeus Human Originated grafts have a "corticocancellous" structure.
Understanding Allografts: what they are and the role they will play in your surgeries
You have an operation.

In your procedure, your doctor will use an allograft.
What is an allograft? An allograft is a bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon, or section transplanted from one person to another.

Every year around the world, doctors use more than a million allografts to help.

Athletes in need of knee reconstruction
people with back pain
Breast cancer patients undergoing breast reconstruction
Cancer patients who need tumor surgery, dental implant and maxillofacial surgery patients
These are just a few examples. Surgeons have used allografts successfully in all kinds of procedures for decades. Allografts have improved the lives of millions of people. Your doctor thinks an allograft is a good option for you, too.

Where do allografts come from?

Allografts come from donors - people who die in accidents or sudden illness. Oftentimes, a gift from just one donor can help many people. Donating tissue is a great thing for someone to do. But it is important for you to know that not every donor is accepted. Bones, cartilage, tendons, skin and the ligaments they donate must be healthy. That is, each donor is carefully screened by medical professionals. If the donor's tissue is suitable, it is cleaned, processed and tested for sterility before being sent to your doctor.

Can my doctor use his own tissue for my surgery?

Yes, but most doctors prefer to use donated tissue (allograft). When a doctor uses your own tissue (called an autograft), it has to come from another part of your body, which usually means a second surgical site and possibly more pain and recovery time. Allografts are readily available, safe and ready to use. There is no need for a second surgery, so recovery and recovery will be easier.

Your allograft comes from Community Tissue Services under the Maxxeus Dental Name