Lumea IPL 7000 Series IPL Hair Removal Device - BRI921

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Philips Lumea IPL 7000 Series Hair Removal Device - BRI921

Achieve 12 months of silky smooth skin with the Philips Lumea IPL 7000 Series, designed for effective and long-lasting results. This device includes dedicated attachments for precise treatment across different body areas and features the Lumea IPL app for enhanced usability. It operates corded for continuous power.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Treatment Solutions:

  • Attachments: Includes separate heads for body and face, offering gentle and precise treatment even on sensitive areas. The face attachment features an integrated light filter for accurate treatment.

Optimized Treatment Routine with Lumea IPL App:

  • Coaching App: Guides users through treatment sessions with step-by-step instructions, helping to maintain a consistent treatment schedule. Downloaded by over 2.1 million users worldwide.

Dermatologist-Developed for Home Use:

  • Professional Technology: Developed in consultation with dermatologists, leveraging salon-grade IPL technology for safe and effective home use.

Efficient Treatment Schedule:

  • Treatment Frequency: Initial treatments every two weeks, followed by monthly touch-ups, reducing the number of sessions compared to other brands. Treating both lower legs takes just 15 minutes.

Skin Tone Sensor and Intensity Settings:

  • Adjustable Settings: Choose from 5 light intensity levels for a personalized and comfortable treatment experience. The Skin Tone Sensor ensures safe usage by preventing treatment on darker skin tones unsuitable for IPL.

Enhanced Flexibility and Ease of Use:

  • Long Cable: Features an extra-long cable for convenient maneuverability during treatments.

Wide Compatibility: Suitable for a broad range of skin tones (I-IV) and hair colors, effectively treating dark blonde, brown, and black hair.

Includes Satin Compact Pen Trimmer: A discreet tool for quick and precise facial hair removal, complementing your beauty routine.

Technical Specifications:

Safety and Adjustable Settings:

  • Integrated UV Filter: Protects the skin from UV light exposure during treatments.
  • 5 Light Energy Settings: Adjustable to accommodate different skin types.
  • Integrated Safety System: Prevents accidental flashes.

Application Modes:

  • Slide and Flash: Enables rapid treatment on larger areas.
  • Stamp and Flash: Suitable for precise treatment on smaller areas.

Power Options:

  • Corded Use: Operates with continuous power for consistent performance.

Longevity and Warranty:

  • High-Performance Lamp: Built to last with 250,000 flashes, equivalent to 20 years of lamp lifetime.
  • Warranty: Includes a 2-year global warranty, extendable by an additional year upon product registration within 90 days.


  • Body Attachment: 4.0 cm² window for treating legs, arms, stomach, and underarms.
  • Face Attachment: 2.0 cm² window with an extra filter for precise treatment on the face (upper lip, chin, jawline).

Included Accessories:

  • Instructions for use
  • User manual
  • Beauty pouch for storage
  • Adapter: 24V / 1500mA
  • Cleaning cloth

Application Time:

  • Bikini: 4 minutes
  • Lower Leg: 15 minutes
  • Underarms: 2.5 minutes
  • Face Areas: 2 minutes

The Philips Lumea IPL 7000 Series provides a comprehensive solution for effective and convenient hair removal at home, designed to deliver long-lasting smoothness with professional-grade technology and user-friendly features.