Mathieu Ligature Forceps TC - Ligatür Forseps - 170 mm

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Mathieu Ligature Forceps TC - Ligatür Forseps - 170 mm

The Mathieu Palmar Orthodontic Plier, measuring 170 mm in length, is a highly specialized tool designed for use in orthodontic procedures. This particular type of plier, known for its distinctive design and functionality, plays a crucial role in various orthodontic applications, including wire bending, placement, and adjustment of orthodontic appliances.

Key features of the Mathieu Palmar Orthodontic Plier - 170 mm include:

  1. Size and Design: With a length of 170 mm, this plier offers a comfortable balance between control and reach, making it well-suited for a variety of orthodontic tasks. The design is tailored to fit comfortably in the palm, enhancing control and precision during use.

  2. Palmar Grip: The unique palmar grip design allows for an ergonomic and comfortable hold, reducing strain on the hand during prolonged use. This is especially beneficial for orthodontists who engage in repetitive tasks.

  3. Versatile Functionality: This plier is designed for multiple functions in orthodontic treatment, including the bending and adjustment of wires, and handling of other orthodontic components. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool in any orthodontic practice.

  4. High-Quality Material: Made from premium-grade stainless steel, the Mathieu Palmar Orthodontic Plier is durable and resistant to corrosion. This ensures longevity and reliability, even with frequent use and sterilization.

  5. Precision Jaws and Tips: The jaws and tips of the plier are crafted for precision, allowing for accurate manipulation of orthodontic wires and appliances. This precision is crucial for effective orthodontic treatment and patient comfort.

  6. Autoclavable: The instrument can be safely sterilized in an autoclave, ensuring hygiene and safety for use with multiple patients.

The Mathieu Palmar Orthodontic Plier - 170 mm is an indispensable tool in orthodontic practice, offering a combination of ergonomic design, versatile functionality, and durable construction. Its design and size make it particularly effective for a wide range of orthodontic procedures, aiding in the efficient and precise treatment of orthodontic patients.

Made in Germany