Radiofrequency Surgical Device - SURTRON 80D- Monopolar

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LED SpA - Radiofrequency Surgical Device - SURTRON 80D - Monopolar
SURTRON 80D is a radiofrequency surgery unit suitable for small monopolar surgery.
Radiofrequency surgery unit allows you to perform professional surgeries while minimizing recovery time. The neutral electrode connection is constantly monitored. The safety control of the contact between the sample and the electrical plate is provided by the dual-zone neutral electrode. Function selection and power setting are made with the button on the electrode carrier, which allows the operator to perform surgical interventions by diverting attention from the work area.
Surtron D80 is a high frequency radiofrequency system that helps to manage soft tissue with greater efficiency, more precision and less bleeding than common dental scalpels. Excellent 80D easily removes unwanted tissue, reduces chair time by simplifying operative procedures and maintaining hemostasis Provides unmatched cutting precision for superior clinical and aesthetic results Provides seamless healing Two applications: cutting and coagulation Autoclavable electrode sheaths Other clinical applications: gingival sulcus extension lengthening crown exposing impacted teeth hyperplastic gingival removal frenectomy
Exposure of impacted teeth, Operculectomy, Removal of epulis, Removal of cyst residues, Reduction of tubercle, Removal of excess tissue in the hard palate, Apisectomy
Enucleation of fistula tracts
Pulpotomy, Apisectomy, Coagulation of small pulp disclosures, Coagulation of fracture incisors, Hemostasis and canal sterilization, Removal of hyperplastic tissues to place Ruberdam, Accelerating internal and external whitening processes
Gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, Gingival curettage, Frenectomy, Mucogingival surgery, Graft procedures, Flap surgery, Removal of drug-induced hyperplasia
Removal of orthodontic hyperplasia, Coagulation of soft tissues, Hemostasis
Extension of clinical crown length, Exposure of anterior composite filling margins, Hemostasis, Exposure of caries below the gingival margin, Pulpotomy, Coagulation of small pulp exposures, Removal of tissues to place matrix, Accelerating whitening processes
Expanding the gingival groove for impression taking, Shaping the trunk regions, Shaping the edentulous regions, Exposing the fractured facet edges

Maximum output power CUT 80 W - 400 Ω
Maximum output power BLEND 60 W - 400 Ω
Maximum output power COAG 50 W - 400 Ω
Maximum output power MICRO 20 W - 600 Ω
Operating frequency 700 kHz
Patient circuit F
Selectable input voltage 115 -230 Vac
Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
Electrical input power 230 VA
Dimension WxHxD 190x85x239 mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
Attention: There are 10 tips for monopolar use.
Advantages of Radiofreakans electro scalpel
The device can be supplied at very reasonable prices when compared to the Diode laser.
The use of electrosurgical devices has been done for a long time, there are many years of experience behind it.
Electrosurgical device tips can be bent according to the nature of the case, so that the desired application area can be accessed more easily.
Electrosurgical tips cut both along and at the ends, making tissue editing easier.
Electrosurgical applications are performed in a significantly shorter time than Diode lasers.
Bleeding is controlled immediately. When electrosurgery is used, the bleeding stops immediately.
After the procedure, wound healing is almost painless.
Very narrow and perfect cuts can be made with the electrosurgery device.
Device tips are self-sterilized during use.
If desired, it can be ensured that the instruments are sterile by contacting the canal instruments before use.
Diode laser devices are very expensive compared to electrosurgery.
For diode laser applications, due to the risks in use
Working with diode laser is slower than electrosurgery.
With Radiofrequency Electro Scalpel
With less bleeding, more effective and smoother cuts can be made.
You can easily get unwanted textures
The treatment time is shortened, the patient and the doctor save time.
It provides aesthetic results by making equal cuts.
There is no problem in recovery after the procedure
Bleeding control with coagulation effect
The tips can be autoclaved.
Crown lengthening
Expose the extracted tooth area
Expose impacted implants
Removal of hyperplastic gingiva
Frenectomy can be done.