Clearfil Majesty Posterior Composite Refill

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Kuraray Clearfil Majesty Posterior Composite Refill

Clearfil MajestyTM Posterior is a light-cured, radio-opaque, restorative posterior composite containing nanoparticles, composed of nano and micro inorganic fillers treated with a new proprietary surface heating technology. The new surface wetting technology provides the possibility to diffuse large amounts of nanoparticles in a resin matrix of monomers and microparticles. This excellent dispersion gives high resistance.

The resin matrix is ​​supported by a 92% (82% vol) weight filler loading. Clearfil MajestyTM Posterior is close to real tooth enamel, has an improved surface hardness (high abrasion resistance but antagonist tooth friendly), high mechanical strength (compressive strength: 504 MPa, resilience strength: 177 MPa), high strength, high polymerization depth, low polymerization shrinkage ( 1.5% by volume) and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. These features guarantee a reliable posterior restoration with a better marginal adaptation.

Despite its extremely high filler content, Clearfil MajestyTM Posterior has an easily moldable consistency. There is no visible color change after light-curing.


Highest filler content in the industry (92 wt %, 82 vol %)

Surface hardness very close to natural tooth enamel (high wear resistance) but compatible with the opposite (antagonist) tooth

High physical properties (mechanical strength, durability) and high polymerization depth

Low polymerization shrinkage and low thermal expansion

Very good marginal adaptation even over a long period of time

easy use

Versatile, simple and accurate shade selection for posterior restorations


Direct restorations for anterior and posterior teeth (class I-V cavities)

In direct veneer work

Correction of tooth position and shape (diastama closure, worn teeth, etc.)

Intra-oral repair of broken crowns and bridges

Clearfil Majesty Posterior

Packaging: 4.9 g/2.0 ml syringe