OptiView Lip and Cheek Retractor

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OptiView Lip and Cheek Retractor
Lip and Cheek Retractor
The OptiView™ lip and cheek retractor is available in two sizes: standard (white) and small (light blue).

OptiView™ is also an innovative retractor designed to provide proper retraction of the lips and cheeks to provide buccal and gingival access. Thanks to its anatomical shape, OptiView™ ensures patient comfort even during longer dental treatments. Anatomically shaped lip holders with opening for frenulum guarantee comfortable application. Lateral flaps gently grip the cheeks and facilitate product removal.

OptiView™ application indications are diverse and cover the entire spectrum of practical dentistry:

For patients with panic and claustrophobic symptoms when using a rubber sheet
Patients suffering from severe nausea
Patients with strong lip pressure
Child patients, elderly or disabled patients
Whitening procedures
dental photo shoots
Bonding of dental jewellery/gemstones and brackets .
Frame and pads can be autoclaved at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.
There is no need to use another instrument to exclude the lips or cheeks.
Enjoy unobstructed view:

Superior, consistent perioral retraction. Increases visibility and facilitates access to the work area.
passive placement. The robust, flexible 3D design enables fast and precise insertion and removal.
Improved patient comfort. The anatomical design provides comfort of use even during long procedures and facilitates the insertion of the saliva ejector.

Optiview Retractor-Deposito Dental Odontology BG