Kerr OptiBond FL Set 4th Generation Bonding

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Kerr OptiBond FL Set 4th Generation Bonding

OptiBond FL

IV used in dentin and enamel. generation bonding system

• It is ethanol based.
• Thanks to the 48% glass filler in its structure, polymerization shrinkage is low and it provides stronger bonding.
• It can be applied safely in dry and humid environments without layering.
• It can be used both as a base material and as an adhesive in direct and indirect applications.
•Combines bonding and priming in a single product.
•Does not require mixing.
•One application of light curing is sufficient.
• Disposable application is available.

•The area where Kerr Opti Bond FL will be applied is first isolated and dried.
• Apply 37.5% phosphoric acid on dentin and/or enamel for 15 seconds. It is washed with water for at least 15 seconds to remove phosphoric acid from the environment.
• Dentin/enamel is kept air for 5 seconds and care is taken not to leave the dentin completely dry.
•Kerr Optibond FL primer is contacted on the dentin/enamel for 15 seconds with light application. Air is held for 5 seconds. Care is taken to ensure that the dentin/enamel surface has a slightly glossy appearance.
• With Kerr Optibond FL Adhesive application, it is contacted on the dentin/enamel for 15 seconds. If necessary, light air is blown to push it to the edge or thin it out.
•It is light-cured for 20 seconds.
• Restoration continues with composite placement.

Packaging shape:
OptiBond FL Kit (Product Code: 26684)
1 x 8ml OptiBond FL Prime Bottle
1 x 8ml OptiBond FL Adhesive Bottle
1 x 3gr Gel Etchant Syringe
• 10 Disposable Gel Etchant Syringe Application Tips
•25 mixing bowls
50pcs Disposable Bonding Application Tip