Keranor 6 Modeling Liquid 250 ml

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Keranor 6 Modeling Liquid 250 ml

Usage Area and Features:

  • Purpose: It is a highly preferred porcelain modeling liquid with pleasant working properties, providing the advantage of fast stacking, both in metal-free and metal-supported porcelain crown bridge works.
  • It is widely used in both public and boutique laboratories.
  • Keranor 6 is the summer version of the Keranor group, with a pre-drying time of 6 minutes.
  • It does not flow during work, providing comfortable and enjoyable modeling in a paste-like consistency.
  • It helps to create more aesthetic crowns by preserving the given anatomical form.
  • It ensures that the porcelain powder mixture remains at the same consistency for a long time without drying out.
  • After firing, it achieves completely natural colors without causing color deviation.
  • If the recommendations are followed, minimum shrinkage rates are achieved after firing.
  • It provides extremely sintered, pore-free, and durable porcelain.
  • Compatible with every brand of porcelain powder.

Usage and Recommendations:

  • Place the necessary amount of porcelain powder on your working glass.
  • Drip Turkaform Brush Liquid onto your powder.
  • Stir well until you reach the desired working consistency.
  • If possible, use a glass spatula for mixing.
  • Renew the washing water of the brush you use during work each time, preferably using distilled water.
  • Wash and clean the brush sponge to remove excess water.
  • During and after work, thoroughly absorb excess liquid with a paper towel, etc.
  • Never vibrate as it will disrupt the natural arrangement of particles and evaporation gaps.
  • If there is enough time after finishing your work, let large bridges stand on a paper towel, etc., for 1-2 minutes.
  • Ensure the calibration settings of your oven. Store at room temperature (0-29°C). Do not refrigerate.
  • Follow the recommended program to achieve the best results.

Starting Temperature: 500°C

Pre-Drying Time: 6 min

Vacuum Start: 500°C

Vacuum Finish: Equivalent to Max temperature

Packaging: 250 ml plastic containers