Totalcem Self-etching and Self-Adhesive Resin Cement- A2

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Self-etching and self-adhesive permanent resin cement
Specially formulated for metal
TotalCem is dedicated to permanent cementation of: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts.

All in one: Etching + Bonding + Cement
Exceptional bonding strength
Dual curing (Light- or self-curing)
Guaranteed curing in areas with limited light penetration
Optimized gel state for an easy removal of excess: simply cure for 3-4s
Film thickness =10 μm
Perfect seal
Radiopaque 250% of Al
Can be used on vital teeth
2 shades available: Universal A2 & Translucent
Long term shade stability
Keep refridgerated after use
3 types of intra-oral tips: (fine, extra-fine and ultra-fine Colibri)
Class IIa medical device reserved for professional dental use, not reimbursed by health insurance organizations under the LPPR.
Certification body CE0425 ICIM.
Manufacturer: Itena Clinical - France
Carefully read the instructions for use on the package leaflet or on the label before use.

Before applying TotalCem, the dentine must be dry, but not too dry
For inlays and onlays, etching the enamel edges with phosphoric acid is recommended, in order to increase the bonding strength (while taking care of not spreading over onto the dentine)
How to clean the root canal before applying TotalCem, in order to have an optimum cementation: Remove all residues of gutta percha with a calibrated drill. Pass over it with an ultrasonic probe. Rinse well and dry without over-drying. Apply TotalCem with an extra-fine intra-oral tip
TotalCem has not been developed to adhere to enamel with no mechanical support (eg. dental brackets, veneers)

TTLCEM-A2 1 automix syringe (8 g) + 10 mixing tips + 10 fine intra-oral tips + 10 extra-fine intra-oral tips Translucent