Isoceramic Separating Oil - Separating Oil 20 ml

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Isoceramic Separating Oil - Separating Oil 20 ml

Area of use:

Porcelain separator, porcelain crown and bridge works to prevent the porcelain structure's contact areas with plaster (such as die pockets and intermediate frameworks) from sticking, ensuring clean and complete removal without adhesion.


  • It is suitable for Dental Porcelain works.
  • Thanks to its hydrophobic feature, it prevents the formation of vacuum at the base, allowing parts such as die pockets and intermediate frameworks in the porcelain structure to come out cleanly and clearly without adhesion.
  • It completely disappears in the furnace, leaving no residue like organic oils.
  • It does not cause unwanted results such as cracking, color change, and porosity in porcelain.
  • It is recommended to apply as thinly as possible, which ensures economy.
  • In addition to porcelain separation, it is also used as a separator in wax modeling.