HunterTEC HL 2200 S 100% Counterfeit Detection Mixed Money Counting Machine

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HunterTEC HL 2200 S 100% Fake Detection Mixed Money Counting Machine



  • Counts mixed Turkish Lira and displays the total count amount as well as count report details on the color screen.
  • The model, which has a 100% fake money detection rate during counting, warns the user both audibly and in writing for counterfeit money.
  • Along with the machine, the standard external customer display allows even customers outside the user to easily see the count quantity and amount.
  • The model, equipped with high-sensitivity counterfeit money detectors, has a near 100% counterfeit money detection rate for Turkish Lira.
  • The model can count mixed Turkish Lira and read their values, detecting counterfeit money at a rate of 99.9%.
  • It also counts USD, EURO, and other foreign currencies by quantity and catches counterfeits.
  • The model, which has the feature of displaying the total count value and count result details on the same screen, has a Large Color TFT screen.
  • The model warns the user both audibly and in writing for counterfeit money and other alerts, with a lifetime free update guarantee for new and changing currencies.


  • Counts Turkish Lira Banknotes in Mixed State and Lists Results on the Screen
  • Has a 99.9% Counterfeit Money Detection Guarantee for Turkish Lira
  • Counts USD, EURO, and Other Foreign Currencies by Quantity and Detects
  • Counterfeits at a High Level
  • Displays Details and Total Amount of Counted Money on the Same Screen
  • Mixed Money Counting, Single Value Money Counting, and Normal Counting
  • Modes
  • Informs the User in All Situations with Its User-Friendly Interface
  • Fixed and Mixed Batching Setting with Numeric Keypad
  • Counterfeit and Value Recognition According to Central Bank Ink and Paper
  • Determines Denomination Value with Image and 3D Recognition Feature
  • Turkish Menu and Alert Systems, Simultaneous Audible Warning System
  • 10 Times Counterfeit Money Detector; UV+MG+MT+IR+MTL+3D+LASER+DD
  • Multi-row IR (Infrared) Sensor for Accurate Value Identification
  • Silent and Accurate Counting in One Go, Without Interruption
  • Displays Total Amount and Counting Detail List on the Same Screen
  • Displays Counting Result with Standard External Customer Screen
  • Manual System Settings Adjustment Feature
  • Date and Time Function Feature
  • Easy Batching with Numeric Keypad
  • Safe, Accurate, and Clear Counting
  • Automatic and Manual Counting Modes
  • Large, Color LCD TFT Screen
  • Accurate and Clear Counting in One Go, Without Jamming
  • Large Feed Tray: 250 Pieces
  • Output Tray: 250 Pieces
  • Weight 7.5 Kg
  • Dimensions 250mm x 270mm x 230mm