Variotime Monophase Silicone Impression Material

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Monophase Silicone for Single Phase Printing Technology

Precision and accuracy of fit are the key features that every prosthesis should have. The single-phase technique is suitable for making impressions for crowns and bridges, for making transfer impressions as well as for implant restorations.

Monophase is a medium viscosity, semi-dense a-silicone. Flexitime exhibits elastic recovery once the impression is removed from the mouth compared to polyester impression materials.

Characteristics of Flexitime Monophase Silicone:

  • It does not fall into the bucket.
  • Balance of clinically relevant physical properties.
  • Semi-customised and non-perforatedare well suited.
  • High tensile strength, preventing flag tearing and distortion of the print when the mouth is removed.
  • Setting is accelerated just as the material is incorporated into the mouth.
  • Specially designed for implants.
  • It offers optimised final hardness and hydrophilicity.
  • Short intraoral setting time.
  • Mixingratio 1:1.
  • Self-mixing.
  • Working time out of the mouth: 2:30 Min.
  • Working time inside the mouth: 1 Min.
  • Minimal mouthfeel: 2:30 Min.
  • Contents: 2 Cartridges x 50 ml + 6 mixing tips.

Indications for Monophase Silicone:

Monophase silicone is suitable for medium viscosity single-phase printing techniques:

  • Crowns and bridges.
  • Functional impressions.
  • Inlays and onlays.
  • Printing of transfers and implants.

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