Variotime Medium Flow Impression Material

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 Variotime Medium Flow Refill

-Variotime is an innovative A-silicone combining outstanding precision and process-oriented adaptability for excellent impression as the base for precise-fitting prosthetics.
-Experience the perfect combination of precision and process-oriented adaptability
-Outstanding precision and accuracy
-Customized working procedure to suit individual requirements
-Variable and intelligent time concept for greater handling freedom
-More than 25 years of Kulzer experience in A-silicones
-More than 25 years of research and development
-Supplied in 3 different delivery forms
-6 different viscosities
-Wide range of indications
-Outstanding precision and accuracy of impression
-Variotime yields outstanding precision and accuracy of impression by balance of its clinically relevant, high level physical properties, such as detail reproduction, hydrophilic properties, flow characteristics and dimensional accuracy.
-Discover greater handling freedom – variable time concept
-Variotime allows for easy, efficient and customizable working thanks to an innovative, variable setting time concept, a compact allrounder system set-up and the Dynamix automatic mixing.
-Variotime’s variable and intelligent time concept features a variable working time varying from 1:00 – 2:30 min combined with an always short intraoral setting time of 2:30 min.

Suitable for:
- Two-step impressions
- Superior hydrophilicity on Polyether level for excellent performance in the sulcus
- High elasticity and toughness
- Especially recommended for two-step impressions,as the very low viscosity of
-Variotime Medium Flow is very well suited for obtaining the desired thin layer of wash material
-Available as automix cartridge

Kulzer Variotime Automix Extra Light Flow Refill 2 x 50 ml + 10 db mixing tips

Variotime Medium Flow 2 x 50 ml - Elastomeric impression material of medium  density (per piece) Dentaleshop