Variotime Bite - Bite Registration Accurate to Dimension

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Variotime Bite is a scannable VPS bite registration material that features the easy, efficient and safe processing you know from our Variotime precision impression material.
It is one material, but it has multifunctional applications.
Extra hard: Very high final hardness of Shore D 40 prevents undesirable shifts when you adjust the position of the casts in the articulator.
Extremely fast: Offers a working time of 30 seconds and a fast intraoral setting time of 30 seconds.
Superb scannability: Permits powder-free 3D data recording of the antagonists for CAD/CAM technology.
Distinct thixotropy: Avoids flowing off from the occlusal surface into the interdental spaces and enables easy removal from the mouth. This enables you to precisely capture the occlusal surface while saving material.
Whipped cream-like consistency: Assures a resistance-free bite without distortion. That makes bite registration stress-free for you – and your patients.
Easy to trim & grind: Convenient processing with minimum risk of fracture.

Variotime Bite – Bite registration