Gluma Desensitizer - Gaining Victory Over Pain

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GLUMA Desensitizer can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation.
Penetrates exposed tubuli up to 200 μm1, forms multiple layers of protein septa which prevent intertubular fluid movements.
Inhibits bacteria:
Provides a hermetic seal that acts as a microbial barrier, inhibiting bacterial growth.
Resurrects collapsed collagenous fibres, improving the bond strength of many adhesives.

For the reduction of hypersensitivity in exposed cervical areas and on teeth prepared to receive a restoration or a fixed prosthesis.

Doctor / Assistant – Under every restoration

Use GLUMA® Desensitizer below every restoration – direct and indirect – to ensure your patients the comfort they deserve.

Below crowns
Inlays and onlays
Veneers and temporaries
Margins around temporary crowns
Below all direct restorations
Dental hygienist – Desensitization

Patients will appreciate the fast, effective and long-term results of a comfortable prophylaxis.

Tooth neck erosion
Exposed dentine
Hypersensitive teeth due to gingiva recession

GLUMA® Desensitizer