Charisma Diamond One Chameleon Composite Kit

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The nano-hybrid composite Charisma Diamond expands the boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance. Thanks to the innovative formula it provides all the exceptional properties you expect from such an aesthetic state-of-the-art composite.
The Charisma Diamond chemistry:
The unique TCD-matrix and the newly developed nano-hybrid filler system result in improved aesthetics, durability and handling. This means minimum shrinkage and shrinkage stress, very smooth surface, high resilience and optimised surface hardness.
The Charisma Diamond versatility:
Charisma Diamond adapts to the colour of the surrounding tooth structure for an outstandingly natural look. What’s more, the Charisma Diamond layering technique is a distinct aesthetic advantage and ensures virtually undetectable restorative margins. You easily achieve very good results with ONE Shade layering for simple cases and excellent results using the multi-layer technique.
The Charisma Diamond workability:
Charisma Diamond offers minimal stickiness and improved efficiency during sculpting. It also provides an extended working time even if illuminated by operating light. Ultra-fine filler particles create a polish that is comparable to natural enamel.
The handling is as easy as the well-established handling of Charisma Diamond that has been acknowledged by practitioners worldwide for over 10 years. The Charisma Diamond highlights for easy handling:

non-slump consistency and minimal stickiness for easy sculpting
extended working time
excellent polish thanks to ultrafine nanofiller particles
approved to combine with GLUMA Bond Universal – the reliable and highly effective universal bonding solution from Kulzer.


2x4 gr Charisma Diamond One ve Gluma Universal Bond