Glaze Liquid 250 ml

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Glaze Liquid

Usage Area:

  • Purpose: Glaze Liquid is the working liquid of glaze powder in porcelain crown bridge works. It provides ease of application without creating foam thanks to its mediums.


  • Maintains the brightness of the glaze powder, providing excellent ease of application.
  • Does not move on the surface during application and does not fill tubers and gaps between teeth by flowing.
  • Provides saturated shiny results after firing.
  • Ensures that your powder + liquid mixture made in one container remains ready for use without settling.
  • Ensures sufficient powder transfer when mixed in appropriate ratios.
  • Prevents your powder + liquid mixture from drying out and staying in the same consistency for a long time under intense working conditions.
  • Suitable for every season as a working medium.
  • Maintains its consistency for a long time in outdoor conditions.
  • Compatible with every brand of porcelain glaze powder.


  • Single-use doses can be created as well as mixtures in a jar in ready-prepared form. It is recommended that glaze applications are not too thick.
  • Initial Temperature: 550°C
  • Pre-Drying Time: 3-4 min

The values given above are given according to the properties of Glaze Liquid and are absolutely necessary to adhere to. Especially adhere to the initial temperature and pre-drying values. Other criteria such as the increase in temperature per minute, maximum temperature, and waiting at high temperature are your firing values ​​for your powder, so it is absolutely necessary to adhere to the values ​​given by the manufacturer. For much brighter glazes, we recommend using our mechanical polisher DIAMON after glazing.

Packaging: 250 ml