Tissue In Conditioner Soft Acrylic Priming Material

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Tissue In Conditioner Soft Acrylic Priming Material
Tissue Conditioner is a true next generation advanced acrylic soft lining material patented by GC.
Tissue Conditioner is the right choice for those looking for a material that stays soft and clean for a long time. Use Tissue Conditioner for tissue preparation, soft lining and functional impressions.
Features and Advantages
Its perfect consistency and fluidity make it easy and fast to apply. Only 5 minutes sitting time
Unique patented formulation and special coating that protects against spoilage and odor.
Excellent surface smoothness for a high level of healing effect and hygiene, long-term softness to adapt to the changes in the mucosa over time, new material can be easily added on it.
Different color options for all clinical cases
Tissue preparation - Soft lining - Functional dimensions - Ready made prostheses
In the direct implant placement technique
Short term priming:
It does not require the use of coating material as an adhesive.
Tissue Conditioner can be easily peeled off by hand.
Long term priming:
Before applying Tissue Conditioner, coating material is applied as an adhesive on the denture.
Use a carbide bur or silicone tip to remove.
In both cases, coating material is used to prolong the softness of the finished lined denture.