Signum Liquid 4ml - Liquid to Model Composite Materials for Direct Restorations

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Modeling Agent is produced for the easy, fast and efficient restoration of all direct resin composite materials. When applied on the composite brush, it facilitates the placement and shaping of the material and provides a perfect morphology and a smooth surface.

It makes the application of all your composite materials easier and faster by using a brush moistened with Modeling Agent. It removes the stickiness of the materials and allows them to be easily placed and shaped using the brush.

Applying the finish using a brush soaked in Modeling Agent allows it to be effectively smoothed and achieved a beautiful finish. This simplifies the finishing procedure and saves valuable time!

The Modeling Agent is used in a very small amount to wet the modeling brush. Although it is slightly yellowish during application, it becomes completely transparent after light-curing and guarantees the best aesthetic result as it contains no fillers!

Signum® liquid