Fuji Temp Lt Implant Cement Refill - Temporary Glass in Paste Form

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GC Fuji TEMP LT Paste - Fuji Temp Lt Implant Cement Refill  - Temporary Glass in Paste Form
Ionomer Adhesive Cement

The first paste-paste form of conventional glass ionomer cement has been specially designed for long-term temporary cementation. It provides permanent retention while ensuring that indirect restorations can be removed safely in the future.

Features and Advantages
• Non-viscous stability and low film thickness
•Easy removal of excess
• Stable and reliable performance for long-term temporary cementations
•High fluoride release and repeatability
• Can be easily cleaned from the abutment surface
•No negative effect on final cementation. Radiopaque.
 It is the purpose of providing sufficient bonding in all-ceramic, resin, acrylic and metal-based temporary cementations such as crowns and blinds, especially in crowns and blinds in implant iron abutments, and cementing them while preserving their ability to be removed when necessary.