EverStick Combi Kit - Fibre Reinforcement for Post,Perio,C&B

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everStick: COMBI Kit

everStick® from GC provides minimally invasive and reversible fibre reinforcements for daily dentistry with unique patented bonding and superior mechanical properties.

everStick® for daily dentistry

everStick glass fibre reinforcements have been developed to provide solutions for modern, patient-friendly dentistry. everStick fibre reinforcements are made of silanated glass fibres in thermoplastic polymer and light curing resin matrix.

everStick products address the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry where the patient's own healthy tooth tissue is saved for as long as clinically possible.

This also means that other treatment options remain available should the patient ever need them in the future.

IPN - The heart of everStick® fibres

Proper bonding between the fibres and composite is the key factor for a successful treatment. Only everStick products have a unique, patented interpenetrating polymer network structure (IPN). Clinically this leads to superior bonding enabling reliable surface retained applications and perfect
handling properties.

The significance of the IPN structure is that surfaces can be reactivated even after the final polymerisation. Reactivation is crucial for superior bonding when

  • Laboratory-manufactured restorations are cemented to teeth.
  • Fibre reinforced composite (FRC) devices are remodelled or repaired.

The IPN structure makes the everStick products fundamentally different from any other fibre or composite materials available.

Advantages of everStick

  • Minimally invasive and reversible; leave other treatment options available.
  • Superior mechanical properties.
  • Unique patented bonding.
  • As strong as metal.
  • Elasticity close to that of dentin.
  • Extensive research data.
  • More than 300 publications and several dissertations.
  • Long term clinical data with excellent success ratio.


everStick is available in a variety of presentations each designed for a specific range of indications:

everStick C&B

For minimally invasive fibre reinforced composite bridges.

  • Surface retained bridges.
  • Inlay and onlay bridges.
  • Hybrid bridges and temporary bridges.
  • Laboratory-made bridges.

everStick POST

For advanced root canal post and core structures.

  • Individually formed root canal posts.

everStick PERIO

For patient friendly splinting.

  • Periodontal splinting.
  • Combined periodontal splint and surface-retained bridge.

everStick NET

For easy and aesthetic splinting of traumatized teeth.

  • Labial splinting of traumatized teeth.
  • Labial periodontal splinting.
  • Repair and reinforcing of veneers.

everStick ORTHO

For aesthetic retention.

  • For patient-friendly metal free orthodontic retainer


  • everStick C&B - 8cm
  • everStick PERIO - 8cm
  • everStick NET - 30cm²
  • 5 x Ø 1.2 everStickPOST posts
  • 1 x StickREFIX D silicone instrument
  • 1 x StickSTEPPER hand instrument