Equia Forte Coat Light Polymerized Protective Varnish

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Equia Forte Coat Light Polymerized Protective Varnish
A completely new approach to filling treatment. For the first time, GC EQUIA combines excellent physical properties and unique aesthetics with fast and easy operation. Recent studies have accepted GC EQUAI as a long-term filling material in stressed class I and some class II cavities.
Features: Chemical bonding to the tooth structure without the need for bonding agent. Low humidity sensitivity. From start to finish, 3'30" is enough. Thanks to the filler content, wear resistance and fracture hardness are improved. Optimal edge coverage for long-term restorations. Real transparency and shine like never before in tooth color.
PACKAGING: 4 ml bottle 4 ml disposable godets (20), application tip (50) and application tip holder