Soft Tissue Gingiva Trimmer Burs - Ceramic Gingiva Bur - GT135-STT250

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Soft Tissue Gingiva Trimmer Burs - Ceramic Gingiva Bur - GT135

Application of soft tissue corrector
The precision tissue trimmer is an effective alternative to scalpels and electrical surgery. The tools are used in high speed aerators like other dental burs. Recommended operating speed is 300,000 rpm (high speed); The soft tissue corrector should be applied at an angle of 45° to 90° to the gingival surface with only light pressure. The cutting direction is the same as with a scalpel and the user will enjoy optimal control given the high production precision. It has a sharp tip, unlike traditional texture trimmers with a rounded tip. As a result, a smaller cut is required and the working precision is increased. Gingiva Trimmer does not require water cooling.

Action mode
When using the soft tissue corrector at high speed, the tip, made of a special ceramic with a stabilized nanostructure, heats up due to tissue friction. This causes immediate tissue coagulation at the surface of the cut, thus preventing bleeding almost entirely, provided water cooling is not used. Both the tip and the surface will not deteriorate so it will have a long lifetime.

The sterilization process is the same as that of other surgical instruments. The Soft Gingiva Trimmer precision trimmer is highly break resistant and resistant to extreme pressure. However, care should be taken when sterilizing with other instruments. Falling and impact may cause the tissue trimmer to break.

Tissue Trimmer produces two variants in different lengths.