Perio Bur - 758L

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Perio Bur - 758L
Diamond-tipped dental burs for odontoplasty and mechanical root planning in periodontal treatments
For curettage of root surface in deep pockets, two and/or three side by side or in approximate area
For removal of firmly sticky granules
For removal of the pick (subgingival plaque)
For periosteal ablation during flap surgery
Non-cutting hex head - as smooth as a hand-operated device and as fast as diamonds
At least 30 - 50 periodontia can be treated for each instrument
Used with light pressure and water spray with 7,000 - 10,000 rpm.
Better access to difficult areas (furcations, roots deep periodontal pockets)
Ideal for homogeneous soft root surfaces
 For the treatment of periodontitis, the root surface must be cleaned and polished.
Supragingival and subgingival plaque and cementum layers containing superficial endotoxin must be completely cleaned. This is a prerequisite for the regeneration of periodontal tissue.
Frank dental periodontal burs will provide you convenience in your periodontal treatments.
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831-012M-RAL - 1 pc
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831L-012SF-RAXL - 1 pc
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832L-014F-RAXL - 1 pc


Root planning in open therapy Removal of subgingival concentrations during closed therapy Removal of subgingival concentrations and plaque in posterior teeth Root planning in open therapy Root planning in open therapy