Orthodontic Adhesive Remover & Debonding Bur Set

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Orthodontic Debonding Bur Set

A Great Tool Set for Cement Removal etc.

They are used to clean the cement residues on the teeth after removing the brackets and bands without damaging the tooth enamel. Orthodontic carpid burs

Frank Dental Debonding Carbides are multi-threaded and ideal for straightening or removing orthodontic adhesive resin after brackets have been removed. Great for all your orthodontic patients with braces. These orthodontic burs are specially designed to minimize enamel damage.

Carbide burs with thin blades (red band) are used for initial resin removal.
Carbide burrs with ultra-fine blades (yellow band) leave a cleaned surface, minimizing the polishing time of the enamel.
Orthodontic bracket and band cement residue removal without damaging the enamel
Composite finishing and polishing
Frank Dental Orthodontic Debonding Set Contents:
8 Pieces Multi-blade Tungsten carpide bur for aerator
2 pcs Tungsten carpide bur for contra-angle
1 bur box that can be sterilized