Metal Diamond Interface Sander - Diamond Strip 6 mm

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Wide Diamond Coated Metal Strips
It is designed for Interproximal reduction (IPR), also known as “teeth stripping” or “interdental reduction”. IPR is a procedure in which part of the thickness of a tooth enamel is cut where space is required for orthodontic realignment. Wide diamond strips that facilitate contouring of enamel will also reduce many types of dental material. It provides the often necessary reduction of interproximal tooth structure, correcting the insufficient space caused by insufficient arch length. Proximal reshaping is easily achieved with a more natural veneer in minimal time. Wide single-sided diamond strips are perfect for situations where you want to reduce tooth structure on just one side without damaging or marking the adjacent tooth.
Reusable, autoclavable.
6mm wide and 147mm long
Red stripes have 30 micron grit and 0.10 mm thickness
Yellow strips have 15 micron grit and 0.08 mm thickness
Diamond strips are one-sided.
There is 1 Metal Interface Sander in the Package