Carpide Composite and Ceramic - Finishing & Polishing Bur Kit

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Burs with tungsten blades will remove most surface lines and are recommended for use before abrasive polishing tools. These tools are designed to reduce the "glossy mat" phenomenon and save additional polishing time. Frank dental carpide composite grinding and polishing burs for final surface finishing and satin polishing is ideal.

Red Belted Carpid Burs Have 16 Blades.
Yellow Belted Carpid Burs Have 24 Blades.
White Belted Burs Have 32 Blades.
Frank Dental's unique spiral design keeps the blades constantly in contact with the cutting surface, resulting in a smoother finish with less vibration.

For many restorative materials, unlike diamonds, a smoother, more aesthetic surface can be obtained. Carbide burs should be used for smoothing and finishing nano-filled composites and hybrid composite materials.

For the correction and finishing of micro-filled composites, finishing and polishing frank dental diamond burs should be used. After roughing with coarse-grained burs, the finishing should be provided with burs with fine and very fine diamond particles.

Frank dental carpide polish burs help you achieve the most natural shapes and contours possible.
It features an effective, easy-to-use bur selection for shaping and shaping anterior and posterior composites.
           -Items Included-

  1.  C.133.010.F.FG
  2.  C.133.010.FG
  3.  C.133.010.UF.FG
  4.  C.134.014.F.FG
  5.  C.134.014.FG
  6.  C.134.014.UF.FG
  7. C.135.014.F.FG
  8. C.135.014.FG
  9. C.135.014.UF.FG
  10.  C.246.010.FG
  11.  C.246.012.FG
  12.  C.247.010.FG
  13.  C.247.012.FG
  14.  C.379.023.F.FG
  15.  C.132.008.FG
  16. Autoclavable Bur Stand